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Zano ZBARLED1000 1000w LED/ CFL/ LV and Tungsten Remote Dimming Pack -

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Zano ZBARLED1000 1000w LED/ CFL/ LV and Tungsten Remote Dimming Pack

Exclusive to Zano Controls, the ZBARDLED is the only simple product designed to be used with multiple rotary controllers on one circuit. This small but powerful remote dimming pack is easy to install and even works with existing twin and earth wiring. Their award-winning technology delivers silent and flicker free dimming for all good quality mains-dimmable LED, Tungsten, Low-Voltage or CFL lamps. More ZBARLEDs can be added for larger loads. Rotary controllers available seperately.

Control of the unit can be made via Zano rotary controller, where up to 32 rotary controllers can be connected in parallel to one ZBARLED, Alternatively, control can be made via two different types of push to make retractive switches; the first type being push to make only, the second type being a rocker push up and down. Each controller or switch may be connected on existing twin and earth wiring. Incorporates a boost feature which some LED's require so much energy to startup. If you find that the lamps do need this, simply set the start level to maximum and the boost is activated, giving the lamps an extra kick start to get going, after which they will smoothly adjust and operate as normal


  • Flicker Free and Silent
  • Up to 32 Rotary Controllers
  • 2 -Way and Intermediate Dimming
  • Boost Feature
  • No Commissioning
  • No Rewiring Required
  • easy to Install
  • LV, CFL & Tungsten
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Protects LED Lamp Life
  • Made in The U.K.
  • Technical Helpline
  • Fit & Forget
  • Will fit through min hole 62mm
  • Compatible with retractive push to make switches
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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