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Timeguard TR644 S DCF 4-Channel Year Time Switch -

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Timeguard TR 644 S DCF 4-Channel Year Time Switch

This unit is an Ideal KNX time switch for objects that require complex time functions.

Simple reprogramming is possible with easy-to-use Windows software “OBELISK 2.1“.

Features and Benefits

  • Switching, valuator device, temperature, receive time and date
  • 8 possible group addresses
  • 8 possible associations
  • On each of the 4 channels, the following types of message can be selected:
  • Switching message (1 bit)
  • Priority message (2 bit)
  • Dim and/or value message (8 bit)
  • Temperature message (16 bit)
  • Random message in EIS 5 format (16 bit)
  • Cyclical transmission selectable
  • Clock can be set via time and data messages
  • Scene with switching, valuator device, priority
  • 10 possible group addresses
  • 10 possible associations
  • Switching, priority, dim and/or value message can be transmitted on 4 channels. A scene with max. 4 objects can be controlled with the 4th channel
  • Via holiday object (blocked object) the switching program of the clock can be suppressed
  • Cyclical transmission selectable
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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