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Fanaway EVO 1 LED Remote Folding Blade Ceiling Light Fan White Chrome -

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FANAWAY Is an advanced ceiling fan with unique aesthetics and efficient design. Switched off, the traditionally intrusive fan blades automatically retract and conceal, and visually the unit transforms in to slim, modern light pendant. Turning the fan on creates a centrifugal force which deploys the blades to circulate air within a room. It creates open space in the environment, accumulates less dust, and is unobtrusive and versatile to visually integrate into most building interiors

Function and quality of interior space

Fanaway functions both as a light pendant and a ceiling fan. The unit effectively hides the blades from view when not in use. When the fan is turned on, the blades gracefully open out and start pushing air as required. When switched off and the motor starts slowing, the blades slowly retract into the unit and are hidden from view. By hiding the blades when not in use, the space around the normally obtrusive blades is cleared creating a less cluttered overhead environment.

Apart from providing a clutter free environment, Fanaway provides a very different environment in comparison to standard ceiling fans or lights. Using quality materials and finishes, Fanaway sets its own standard from an interior design and styling perspective.

Special Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing light pendant that converts into a ceiling fan
  • Four unique aerodynamically designed Scimitar shaped blades (patent pending), that rest neatly within the perimeter of the unit out of sight
  • Radio remote control included (3 fan speeds, Lights on/off, memory feature: lighting can be controlled with light switch)
  • LED lamp uses the latest colour shifting technology where you can choose between 3000K Warm White and 4000K Cool White colour temperature by the flick of a switch
  • Smooth and quiet operating, no audible motor sounds
  • Easy and quick installation (blades pre-installed and balanced)
  • Blades with innovative, compact retracting mechanism
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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