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Fresh Air Supply Set With Environment Filter -

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The new Domus Fresh Air Supply Set from Polypipe Ventilation ensures that comfortable indoor air quality is maintained.

The easy-to-install set comes complete with telescopic wall liner which allows quick, accurate and hassle-free installation. Unobtrusive room grilles promote draught free fresh air back into the building. The inlet grilles also contain a washable filter to cleanse incoming air, ensuring the occupants comfort is not compromised. It is recommended that an air supply set should be installed in every room where air is being mechanically removed, so that replacement fresh air can be provided to replace the air that has been removed from the room.

  • Promotes draught-free fresh air supply
  • For use in conjunction with extraction appliances where replacement air is required
  • Ideal for use with exhaust air heat pumps
  • Suitable for walls up to 450mm thick
  • utilises 100mm diameter telescopic pipe
  • Includes removable washable filter
  • Four external outlet colour choices available
  • Flow rate 7.1 L/s at 10 Pa
  • Performance verified by the University of Cambridge
Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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