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6491X Singles Cable in 100M Drums BASEC -

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Quantity in stock: Unlimited



100M drums of Singles Cable.

6491X Singles Wiring Cable (H07V-R/H07V-U) is suitable for circuits protected inside conduits and trunking for power, lighting and building wiring. It is also used for various earthing requirements (Green and Yellow Sheath).

Please choose your prefered colour and size from the drop down menu's - Then enter the number of 100 metre drums that you require in total into the quantity box.

Size - Refers to the cross-sectional area of the cable cores

Colour - refers to the colour of the outer insulation

Voltage Suitability: 450/750V

Acceptable Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C Insulation: PVC

Insulation: PVC

Approvals: BS6004, BASEC

Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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